Specto was founded in 2013 with the purpose of providing much need services as required under the 2012 Road Transport Bill.

We achieved formal ISO 9001:2015 Certification in April 2018 and we provide a quality service to HGV fleet management as well as repair/maintenance services for commercial vehicle operators.

Specto recognizes the significance and the importance of providing its customers with a very high level of exclusive service and knowledge. We are proving ourselves as an efficient and transparent service provider enabling our customers to reduce their total cost of vehicle ownership whilst maintaining the very highest standard of workmanship and full compliance with RSA enforcement commercial vehicle regulations.

  • Located off the M8 Motorway at J15 near Fermoy, Co. Cork.
  • Vehicle Maintenance / Service and Repair.
  • Fleet Management and Associated Services.
  • State of the Art 13,000sq ft. purpose built 4 lane service and maintenance facility.
  • Team of over 25 staff operating 2 daily shifts from 8am until 12 midnight.
  • Achieved formal ISO 9001:2015 Certification in April 2018.

Management Strategy Benefits:

  • Reduction in operating costs.
  • Reduction in overall maintenance.
  • Reduction in vehicle breakdowns.
  • Vehicle fuel consumption improvement.
  • Improve customer service, consistence deliveries on-time.
  • Protect your assets by Improving vehicle residual value.
  • lower insurance costs.
  • Vehicle downtime reduction.
  • increased driver safety.
  • Better working environment.
  • Better passenger safety.
  • Greater road safety for other road user.
  • Ensure your fleet adheres to the minimum standards de fined by law.

Services Provided:



  • Open from 8am until 12 might; 5 days per week.
  • Vehicle Maintenance / Servicing of all makes and models.
  • Periodic roadworthiness (6 week / 12 week safety and service) Inspections.
  • Computerised Roller brake Testing.
  • CVRT preparation.
  • Bodywork Repairs / Body Building / Fabrication.

Testing / Inspecting:

  • Wheel Alignment Truck / Trailer.
  • Full Length bay wash for all vehicles.
  • 24 hour Breakdown Service.
  • Diagnostics – Truck/Trailer/Van.
  • Tank/Tanker repairs/servicing/testing.


  • Agents for Dezidata tanker measuring equipment – German.
  • Service agents for Rolfo Car transporter manufacturer – Italian.
  • Sales and Service agents for Houghton Parkhouse truck bodies – UK.
  • Stores to control inventory and source/sell spare parts.

What we do:

  • Technical competence in the maintenance of HGV Fleet.
  • Experience in business growth and desire to expand.
  • Solid Reputation with the RSA (Road Safety Authority).
  • Vast experience on maintaining ADR equipment and periodic tank testing.
  • Financial Strength and stability.
  • Provision of Fleet Equipment complete with Maintenance Packages.
  • Through partnership with some leading companies, we have built a robust core business model.
  • Delivered strong growth over the last 5 years.
  • Expended on head count in both servicing and administrative team to ensure we meet our customer requirements.
  • Strategic location on M8 easy access to Cork/Limerick etc.
  • Strategic location of workshop based in Ballycoolin, Dublin.
  • Ability to scale to nationwide response.