Our Team


Garage Manager
  • Experience in leading a highly driven team of professionals
  • 25 years’ experience in customer management
  • CPC transport manager


Office Administrator
  • ADR qualification and 8 years fleet admin experience
  • Proficient in the management of commercial fleet regularity requirements


Store Room Manager
  • Tracking inventory from front door to installation
  • Asset tracking computer system specialist


Lead Engineer
  • Expert practitioner in the field of commercial vehicle diagnostics maintenance and repair
  • 15 years’ experience as a Mechanic
  • Overseeing the quality of the workmanship, insuring the highest standards of QC


Chief Welder Fabricator
  • 10 years’ experience
  • Proficient at aluminium and stainless steel welding


Auto Electrician
  • 12 years’ experience from Krakow IT
  • Fully qualified

And a team of highly motivated and skilled team of Mechanics