The operation of a commercial HGV on Irish roads is obliged under Irish Law to ensure safe and roadworthy vehicles at all times. One measure to ensure this obligation is adhered to is the periodic vehicle inspections, that checks a wide range of vehicle elements vital for a well-run heavy goods vehicle (HGV).

At Specto, we offer period vehicle inspections to our customers across Ireland, each Periodic Roadworthiness (Safety) Inspectionsis carried out by one of our fully-qualified heavy goods vehicle mechanics. Each inspection evaluates the following:


o Pit inspection including vehicle underbody & brake mechanisms.
o Shaker plate & pit jacking inspection of steering and suspension components.
o Visual walk around inspection of vehicle.
o Lighting.
o Bodywork.
o Driver visibility.

Engine & drivetrain Inspection:

o Oil levels.
o Coolant levels.
o Leaks etc.

Interior cab inspection:

o safety restraint system.
o vehicle warning indicators.

Mechanical repairs & servicing:

o We also conduct computerised suspension wheel alignment for passenger & commercial vehicles.
o This includes;
o Wheel alignment.
o The setting of steering angles.
o such as Toe, Camber &Steering Wheel re-alignment etc.

Periodic inspection estimates the condition of your vehicle’s existing electrical installations. The examination for any defects in line with national electrical installation safety standards.

When you pass your period vehicle inspections, you can rest assured in the knowledge that operate safety of your vehicle is up to standard.