As the owner or user of a commercial vehicle, you must always make sure that all your vehicles are safe & roadworthy. Aside from your legal obligation & the road safety benefits, well maintained vehicles reduce the likelihood of your vehicles encountering delays from unscheduled downtime. Unsafe vehicles being impounded & additional delays at roadside inspections. Here you will find summary information as regards your obligations in relation to vehicle maintenance & repairs, the benefits and the legislation.

Your vehicle maintenance & repair requirements:

At Specto we realise the important of having your fleet safe & road worthy condition during its lifetime requires ongoing maintenance. As a commercial vehicle owners and users you are required by law to:


Put in place systems for the regular inspection and maintenance of your vehicles; such as:

o Preventative maintenance checks.
o Daily walk around checks.

Ensure the maintenance & inspection frequency takes into account:

o Vehicle age.
o Mileage and condition.
o Wear and tear.
o Manufacturer’s guidelines.


Maintenance & repair Inspections should be carried suitably qualified person:

Keep & retain documentation for all repair and maintenance for two years for inspection by an authorised officer:

Benefits of Specto maintaining your vehicles:

At Specto we realise an effective preventative vehicle maintenance procedure should consists of scheduled maintenance, necessary component repairs & vehicle inspections. This overall strategy prevents roadside breakdowns.


The overall benefits for this preventative maintenance include:

o Reduction in operating costs.
o Reduction in overall maintenance.
o Reduction in vehicle breakdowns.
o Vehicle fuel consumption improvement.
o Improve customer service, consistence deliveries on-time.
o Protect your assets by Improving vehicle residual value.
o lower insurance costs.
o Vehicle downtime reduction.
o increased driver safety.
o Better working environment.
o Better passenger safety.
o Greater road safety for other road user.
o Ensure your fleet adheres to the minimum standards de fined by law.

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